Assign the Rebels

by Kutná Hora

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released August 20, 2015

All Music and Lyrics by KUTNÁ HORA
Except bonus Track 'Jacob': lyrics by Yair Sadeh. Music by Gerry Wlodawsky 1994
Recorded @ Ludovico Studios - Tel Aviv, Israel 2015
Mixed @ Dmusic - Tel Aviv, Israel 2015
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum @ Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California, U.S.A 2015
Cover art and booklet design by Gustavo Sazes.



all rights reserved


Kutná Hora Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Kutná Hora plays full onslaught Black Metal since it's formation in the year of 2005. We glorify the dark atmosphere, the aesthetics of violence and the individual search. our music and lyrics reflect the pain and alienation of modern life.
Kutná Hora rejects all forms of commercialized, easy-listening black metal.
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Track Name: Path Above Hell
Human beings, wherein you walk,
on a narrow path above hell,
great sorrow descends
upon those who were arrogant
But now they have no savior anymore
A time for each matter to leave this world
Everything you loved is dead and gone

Whenever we would feel lonely
we can no longer hide under the future's shade
Our excuses will become a shameful eulogy
Your little hearts avoided believing
and your great minds failed to comprehend

Like the metaphor of dogs
led by a piece of meat into a hole
you clung onto your hopes
like onto a branch that is rotten on the inside
You have chased the matter
and now your deeds are chasing you

If I keep silent,
my emotion won't find a way out
through the ruins of my heart
If I don't act, I won't be free
The sun keeps on setting and rising
The flowers continue to blossom
And slowly I close my eyes
and I wake up from all of my dreams
Track Name: Antivenin
Those who shall guard
Wardens of blackened flames
Those with no mercy or solace
Fighting for embittered truth
They will scald the wound
The True Rebels

Forced infused lies
From the moment you are born
Until your last
For the sake of his

Dreams, he feeds you
A dread of lonely demise
Living a forged vision
As narcotics
in your blood

Fear and weakness
Thoughts of mercy and faith
What else do you have?
You are Jehovah's
disposable slave

Hell and heaven
Between the nothing and nix
Stupid bio soul
All you believe in
does not exist

Take a cold knife
Cut through flesh, veins and mind
Uncover your disgraceful

Then let the pain to
overcome your senses complete
A dark sacrifice
A step in ending

Ablaze emptiness
inside of you
of us
Do you feel it?

Repeat the ceremony
Push your real truth outside
Destroy the limits
and neuter
all daughters

Assign the rebels
For Father Satan your GOD
And scream these words
For a future painted black
Track Name: Barren Desert
A gathering amidst a barren desert
Followers stand in formation
The bonfire is seen from a far
Dozen more appear in the horizon
Sinister ceremony,
ancient foretold story
to celebrate Satan's glory

Only once in every cycle
the right conditions are met
The longer the wait,
the greater the satisfaction
Like being locked in a secluded dungeon
waiting to be freed,
Like a carrying animal
wanting to give birth
You long for this precious moment
in which everything materializes,
the fire clenches the torch
and the bonfire is lit
The Power is intoxicating
and the normal self ceases to exist

Numerous believers practicing a dark tradition
Older than time and god itself
Hellish kingdom widely awake
Worshipping shall commence
Rivers of blood will flow
The earth trembles below
as internal powers grow

Only once in every sacrament
the exact conditions are met
Nothing can be heard,
not even a wolf far cry
The wind has ceased blowing
as if nature held its breath
The full moon is brighter than ever
as if completely ablaze
The stars align in four giant sigils,
each for every crown prince of hell
Pungent sulphur fills the air
The fire has consumed the woods
yet keeps burning
Inferno rises from the bowels of earth.

The purge begins
Every grain of sand acknowledges his presence,
when all that is evil emerges at once,
upwards inwards and all around
in a burst of blasphemous art

Our blood is forever boiling
Our hearts strive for greater power
Each experience has left its mark
and corrupted our souls eternally
We have chosen the dark path
We opened our eyes wide
and planted in the desert of our mind
Track Name: Exhumation Near Sedlec Ossuary
Taking out another bone from the ground
Half-blind monk is groping, with enormous
some remnants of those who surrounded
the Black Death
Maggots' garbage, ornaments
of the destroyed culture
One comes out, another comes in
And I am sitting on a high hill,
a black sun is burning me from inside,
watching him
Track Name: The Chamber of Recall
Then the light hits him
and emptiness is all that left
Anger replaced by depression
Drained body on bloody mat
The stench of his rotten fantasies
suffocates his soul
One path revealed inside him

On peeling wooden chair
a bag of bones is standing
His throat as his thoughts
Tied at the edge

The chair is down
The rope is tightening
Two minutes of true freedom

He sees a blurry image
A pair of eyes appears in a dense fog
He saw those eyes before

A flashback
Painful shock from repressed trauma
The Chamber of Recall
The place between Hell and Hell

A chamber that its walls cannot be seen
A black marble floor spreads out till the horizon
Yet he feels completely enclosed
No objects in sight
but two flames, two goats and a throne

He acknowledges the satanic judgment
To live the same hopeless life forever again
Hollow existence perpetually
A loop that goes unend

Sudden dizziness
Vomit washed by tears of grief
The Chamber of Recall
The place between Hell and Hell

Now, he starts to forget it again
As he smells his mother's stinking womb
Her sticky slime covers him
Hearing her screams of pain
First breath
First look